Review of Investigação em Artes book series


Investigação em Artesis a book-series reflecting modes of practice-led research from international perspectives, which has published seven volumes to date. Initiated by Portugese artist-researcher José Quaresma the books contribute rich collections of essays to the growing field of artistic research. With essays in multiple languages, these books make visible the multilingual world we live in, creating space for the travel of artistic ideas through Portuguese, French, Spanish and English and providing significant resources for artist-researchers. These books present stimulating examples of artistic methodologies, critical challenges to the dominant curricula of art academies, and provocations to the question of defining knowledge and knowledge production with perspectives from London, Brazil, Lisbon, Chicago, Helsinki, Brisbane, Auckland, Berlin and Sweden. In repeated rejections of straight and uniform logics, the sensibility of these books regards practice-led research occupying a space for advancing artistic thinking itself, in all of its manifestations and possible interpretations.

@ The University of Waikato